The Best User Experience in Big Data

Designed for programmers and non-programmers alike, Iris uses concise and clear syntax to enable a wide variety of complex analyses. Novices quickly become capable, while advanced programmers become rock stars. The language empowers everyone with predictive analytics while reducing the need for expensive, high-level technicians.


What if everyone in your enterprise could uncover insights from Big Data? No intermediaries needed.

Table-oriented, functional language uses programmatic constructs, and is not governed by typical constraints of query grammar.

The combination of peerless performance and unrivaled usability sets Iris apart from the competition. 

Fast Means First

Feedback cycles matter. Fast turnaround times for research and analyses keep ideas fresh.
With Iris, users become an army of one.

Experimentation drives innovation, but human time drives cost. Iris’ persistent query architecture cuts down on the time needed to deliver research, analytics and reports to users on demand.

You need one platform for your continuum. Batch and stream. Historic and real-time data becomes alpha. Investigation becomes monitoring.

Customizable dashboards deliver research, analytics and reports to authorized users on demand. Ad hoc queries can be turned into permanent code at the click of a button.

Be nimble. Be smart. Iris by Illumon.