Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


New York City, New York

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Illumon is building a team of world-class software engineers to commercialize big data technology developed within a hedge fund.  We are a well-funded spinoff with offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and New York City, New York.  We are a small crew with big goals, and we are in the process of growing our core team.  This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and to influence the firm’s direction.

At Illumon, we recognize that a dozen Salieris could never produce a Mozart masterpiece.  Similarly, a dozen average developers could never produce the masterpiece of an elite software developer.  We believe that a small team of elite developers is far better than an army of average developers.  We only hire the best, and we reward accordingly.  

Illumon is a meritocracy, not a bureaucracy.  Our priority is for you to focus on what you love and do best: crafting great code.

Desired Skills:

  • Self driven, self organized, proactive, highly motivated, and intelligent.
  • Exceptional programming skills.
  • Obsession with building quality software.
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in large-scale systems.
  • Experience in distributed systems programming, multithreaded programming, and debugging.
  • Experience in object-oriented design and programming.
  • Extensive background in algorithms, data structures, optimization, testing, and performance tuning.
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills with strong attention to detail.
  • Well-developed sense of urgency.
  • Financial experience is not required.

Compensation & Benefits:

At Illumon, we want happy and fulfilled employees.

  • Our compensation is designed to attract the best.
  • We offer a generous vacation policy.
  • We encourage you to work when you are most productive.
Interested parties should submit their resume/CV and LinkedIn profile to